Avengers Game Might Show Up At Google’s Event At GDC 2019

We’re getting closer to GDC 2019 and speculation regarding the Google’s panel at the conference are mounting. The latest piece of information came straight from Google Developers, via Twitter, as they announced the participation of Crystal Dynamics at the event. Rumors began to flood the Internet, many thinking that the Avengers game would finally show up at Google’s event at GDC 2019.

To more specific, Crystal Dynamics will attend at post-press conference Developer Day panel, as part of the Google’s GDC 2019 event. While many hope that the devs would finally reveal the Avengers game, Google’s tweet says nothing in this regard, so we should take all those rumors with a grain of salt.

However, the participation of Crystal Dynamics in the Google’s panel at GDC 2019 could mean that the company plans to announce something big or at least that it has some interest in something Google will present at the conference.

Crystal Dynamics might present the Avengers game at Google’s event at GDC 2019

We already have the confirmation that Crystal Dynamics is working on the Marvel-licensed Avengers game, along with Eidos Montreal. Even though rumors surrounding a potential Avengers game emerged online already and some of them pointed out to a December 2018 announcement, during The Game Awards, neither Crystal Dynamics nor Eidos Montreal revealed the game.

Now, that Google confirmed the participation of Crystal Dynamics to its panel at GDC 2019, many fans of the Marvel franchise hope that the Avengers game would finally be announced. I’m not willing to ruin your hopes, but Crystal Dynamics might participate in Google’s event at GDC 2019 to present how Tomb Rider game runs on Project Stream or just to talk about the advantages of game streaming platforms.

Be it as it may, we’ll find out on March 19th if Crystal Dynamics will indeed reveal the Avengers game or its participation in Google’s panel at GDC 2019 will resume to a debate on Project Stream, the game streaming platform Google would present at the conference.

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