Apex Legends Battle Pass Is Almost Here, And It Might Bring A New Character, Octane

Apex Legends took the gaming world by storm. The new battle royale game seems to be a success as it already has 50 million players. Now, the game is preparing for its first Battle Pass.

As far as battle royale games go, developers usually divide the games into multiple seasons. Each season comes with its own Battle Pass which allows users to receive skins and other cosmetic items as they level up. That is something that we have already seen in games such as Fortnite and PUBG Mobile, and the system seems to be successful with the players.

It appears that Apex Legends prepared something special for its Battle Pass. As it turns out, the game might release a brand new character for the Battle Pass. The name of the character is Octane. There are already a couple of leaked photos and some data mining that make us believe that Octane will be joining the game soon.

Apex Legends Battle Pass To Bring A New Character, Octane

The new character comes with a stim-shot ability that makes him able to exchange movement speed for health. He also has another ability that allows him to recover that health. However, his most important skill is the one that got all the players excited. It appears that Octane might come with a bounce pad that can be used by the entire team to jump around during a fight.

However, there is one confusing detail. As it turns out, Apex Game already received a couple of launchpads. They can be found around the Marketplace, and they can be used by players, although they cannot be moved around.

Therefore, we must ask ourselves whether the launchpads a new permanent addition to the game or Respawn merely is testing them for Octane. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see what the new character will have to bring.

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