Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Details Unveiled At 2019 Final Fantasy Fan Fest

Recently, the 2019 Final Fantasy Fan Fest in Tokyo began with a keynote address from Naoki Yoshida, the game director. The briefing lasted 90 minutes and was packed with insight and news on the new Shadowbringers expansion for Final Fantasy XIV that will come out later in 2019. The biggest news perhaps might have been the announcement of a new job as a dancer.

Dancer uses dance move, as the name suggests, to combat their enemies. Certain abilities are needed to perform dances because some specific ones buff nearby party members.

Dancer is considered a ranged DPS Job and weapons are thrown with its main arm. According to Square Enix, it has no associated class, and at level 60 you will be able to start using Dancer.

More details on Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers expansion revealed

Another significant announcement has been made, and that was the next playable race for Final Fantasy XIV–the Hrothgar. The humanoids looking like cats, the Hrothgar in either the female or male variant will be available, and each will have customizable features and unique heads. Two clans are also included.

Square Enix has also shown off during the presentation two new cities, the Eulore and Crystarium. Eulore, as it sits atop an ornate, massive, and steampunk-looking structure, it is also a sight to behold. The Crystarium is an expansive, beautiful place with blue-hued environments.

The news-packed keynote has also been used by Square Enix to reveal the latest Beast Tribe–the Dwarves of Final Fantasy XIV. The company decided not to share a lot of information, but they did not hesitate to confirm that the dwarves, no matter where they are, always wear helmets and have beards. Their expertise is metallurgy and mining. You might be excited when you will try these new additions when they are released.

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