Apple Vs. Netflix – Apple Announced Apple TV Plus Streaming Service

Recently, Apple unveiled a new video-on-demand platform, the Apple TV Plus streaming service. The new platform would come with a string of much-awaited original shows. Apple wants to develop its own content that it can put on its devices and to compete with Netflix.

The invitation to the launch of the new streaming video service from Apple proclaimed “It’s show time.” Dozens of Hollywood producers, executives, and actors ahead of the announcement of Monday received the invitation which’s notes have heightened speculation about the ambitious plans the tech giant have to take on Netflix with an investment in original entertainment of more than $1 billion.

In 2006, Apple developed iTunes which was one of the first to offer individual paid-for videos on its platform. Now, the launch of Apple’s streaming service, Apple TV Plus, enters an already crowded market. Meanwhile, with Netflix which has more than 146 million subscribers all over the world and with Amazon Prime being hot on its heels, we do not know what Apple will accomplish.

Apple TV Plus streaming service would face serious competition from Disney and Warner, not only Netflix

Movie studios and large US television networks such as Disney and Warner Media (formerly Time Warner) are also due to launch streaming services later in 2019 to showcase their extensive libraries.

As growth in demand for iPhones and iPads has stalled, Apple has been forced to play catch-up if the tech giant does not want to be exceeded by its competitors. Tony Gunnarsson, an industry analyst from the London-based consultancy Ovum, noted that Apple has also made an incorrect bet that DVDs with individual collections of video content will be replaced by iTunes.

“Consumers did not take to building virtual movie libraries, and although Apple made a lot of money and became an essential partner for Hollywood, Netflix came along and became this huge worldwide phenomenon,” he told DW where he spoke about Apple TV Plus, the new Apple streaming service.

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