tvOS 12.3 Beta Is Now Available for Testing

We’ve heard that Apple TV beta testers can start trying their tvOS 12.3. So it’s safe to say that iOS 12.3 beta is not the only one that got released recently. Also, if you own an old-third generation Apple TV, you probably know something about the model before the Apple TV HD. There’s also a new beta release for that model.

Apple is currently on fire with their Apple TV HDs and Apple TV 4K. Both of them run on an operating system named tvOS, that’s similar to the iOS operating system, that comes with features from Apple, such as the App Store.

The previously set from Apple, the third-gen model does not run on tvOS. Instead of that, it runs on an operating system that has no App Store. The channel apps that are on the old Apple TV model is usually waiting for Apple to offer the updates manually.

Apple’s new streaming video

It’s most likely that the new Apple TV software update will come in handy when it comes to supporting Apple’s new streaming video service that they want to put in practice. Earlier this week, Apple has released all the Apple TV channels and the Apple TV+ ones, too.

Apple will also come with a new version of its Apple TV app, that’s supposed to come on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Of course, on Apple TV, too.

Also, the Smart TVs from Samsung will get the new Apple TV app, together with the smart TVs from LG, Vizio, and Sony.

We’ve also heard that FireTV and Roku will also get the Apple TV app soon.

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