The Elder Scrolls Online’s Elsweyr: We Have Dragons Now

The second age of Tamriel was not supposed to come with Dragons. This happened during the Elder Scrolls Online. They should belong to the fourth age, which is the place of Skyrim, which actually takes time a thousand years later. However, Elder Scrolls Online would have felt like a failure without being “complete”, so we got dragons.

They’re actually stars in Elsweyr, which is the new Elder Scrolls Online chapter, which will be released on PC and Mac, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in the 4th of July. For customers, the pre-purchase period starts from the 20th of May.

These creatures have been unmentioned in MMO, ever since its launch in 2014, and they were not present in any of the annual updates. However, we’ve heard that they have been in the world of Elsweyr the entire time, places on zoos. However, not many knew about this.

The Elder Scrolls Game is friendly to all the newcomers of its world. With the last Summerset update, any player can now just get into the game, and quickly learn how to play it.

What do you have to do in Elder Scrolls Online’s Elsweyr?

So you start in a castle room, recovering from a fight with a dragon. Every guard will be surprised that you actually made it out alive. However, dragons are still out there, so it’s mandatory to make friends, find out secrets and slay enemies.

You’re supposed to slash and slay. And find treasure chests. And explore the corridors of the castle, until you get outside. There, you will have the impression you’re in South -East Asia.

In Elsweyr, you’ll meet with three main biomes: desert, forest, and savannah. If you search for magical artifacts, you will bring back the dragons. And, eventually, you’ll also learn magic.

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