Star Trek: Dark Remnant, The First Star Trek VR Game, Announced For North America

Fans of the popular Star Trek franchise will have the chance to enjoy a new experience. VRStudios has announced a new Star Trek VR game for the Dave & Buster multiplayer virtual reality simulator – Star Trek: Dark Remnant.

Star Trek: Dark Remnant will make the players complete dangerous missions in the outer limits of Klingon space. As a captain of the USS Galileo, the players will enjoy the capabilities of the powerful stellar research vessel. The ship will follow USS Enterprise on a mission to save researchers from an astronomical observatory located in the Klingon Neutral Zone.

A surprise event will leave USS Enterprise Defenseless and Galileo will have to make the most out of its equipment as it attempts to defend the other ship. A large number of challenges will be offered, including environmental hazards and Klingon attacks.

Star Trek: Dark Remnant, a new VR game, will be available at Dave & Buster across North America

The game will react to your choices, with several ending being available. The use of randomized quests, maps and event will keep the game fresh and each experience will be different. Those who decide to play the game will be able to admire iconic locations from the Star Trek universe as while they traverse space.

You will be able to walk on a bridge placed within the spaceship and asses the situations before a decision will be made. A particular console will offer access to the entire ship, including the phasers and deflector shields. According to developer VRStudios, the player will enjoy a unique gameplay experience as they will be able to admire the Enterprise ship in its entirety.

Dave & Buster’s is a popular chain which of restaurants and sports bar which offers a variety of services. Customers can enjoy high-quality food, delicious drinks and a variety of entertainment options, including the ability to play lots of arcade video games, watch sport events or engage in amazing virtual reality experiences. Star Trek: Dark Remnant will be available in several Dave & Buster’s locations which can be found in North America.

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