Will Apple be able to release a 5G iPhone by 2020?

We are expecting many Android devices to launch the 5G support this year. However, we cannot say the same thing about Apple. Its 5G phone is not supposed to come out until 2020. However, some rumors said that the 2020 phone would not come with 5G support.

Apple’s source of the 5G modem and Intel cannot get the modem designed in time. According to some reports, Intel has missed some deadlines for the development of the XMM 8160 5G modem, the thing that caused Apple to question the company.

The company wants Intel to deliver sample parts of the 5G model by summer 2019, and by early 2020, a finished modem design. However, Intel already introduced three different managers for this project, and they won’t be able to meet the deadlines.

It’s possible we won’t see these smartphones by 2021

We’ve heard that Apple’s deal with Intel doesn’t really include a lot of profit for Intel, and it’s been said that Intel was a bit worried about Apple’s business internally.

If Intel will not finish the modems in time for the company to add them into the 2020 iPhones, then this means that we won’t see 5G till 2021. Intel said that it would deliver the 5G modem by 2020.

However, Apple does not feel like relying on others, especially after the conflicts with Qualcomm. The company wants to design its own modems for their future phones.

Apple has hired 2000 engineers, from both Qualcomm and Intel to work on their own modems. This new team will design the modems of Apple, but they won’t be ready until 2020, either. However, it’s been said that it would be better for Apple to use Qualcomm for the 5G modems. However, that’s not possible, because of the entire legal battle against Qualcomm.


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