Microsoft Brings Text Suggestions to Chrome and Chromium-Based Edge

Microsoft wants to add to its service a brand new feature. The text suggestion feature is here for the keyboard of the hardware, and not just for Windows 10’s Chrome, but also for Microsoft Edge. This means that, when you are typing in Chrome or Edge, suggested words will appear as you type. You can use them just by clicking on them, so you won’t have to tap to write the text anymore.

This feature is not here yet, because they are still testing it. According to some sources, the feature is, however, available in the latest version of Chrome Canary and in the Chromium-based Edge version

Preferences when it comes to typing

You will be able to do this by going to the Windows 10 Settings menu, in Devices, in Typing. In the Hardware Keyboard section, there is a switch there that says text suggestion. You will have to tap it to enable it. After that, the version of the browser that you use will pick up the setting and will start showing you text suggestions.

We have heard a lot of details about the Chromium-based Edge, and an early preview version of the browser has been already leaked. The good news is that Microsoft’s new Edge looks very good, and it is very responsive, even if the product is not finished yet.

What we expect from the new Edge

This is very good news for the future, given the fact that the new Edge has its basis on Chromium. We expect to see more stability and better compatibility with various websites in general.


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