Microsoft Windows 10: May 2019 Update Will Put You in Control of the Other Updates

Microsoft wants to roll out its Windows 10 May update to beta testers. This happens before it actually gets released in late May.

This new update is a big one for Windows 10. Its codename is “19H1”, however, it does not come with much when we’re talking about features. The biggest change is the new light theme for Windows 10, together with the Kaomoji support and the sandbox feature. Also, they want to separate Cortana of Windows search.

This update will also let all the Windows 10 users to take control of how they receive the updates. Microsoft has wanted to add more and more updates for so long, and they’re pushing them aggressively, making sure the users are on the latest version of the OS. However, that’s not the case anymore. This update will let you choose when to go for the latest major version. Users will be able to remain on the existing version or continue to receive their monthly security updates, all of this, without actually getting the latest feature update.

You’ll be able to pause the updates 35 days

Microsoft also lets Windows 10 Home and Pro users to put a pause to the monthly updates for 35 days. They will introduce the intelligent, active hours, and the operating system will be able to see when you’re using the PC so that the updates won’t get installed at that moment. This means no more annoying updates to ruin your PC time.

Microsoft has listened to the feedback of Windows 10 users, and the company gave them more choices. There will be notifications about the updates, but there won’t force anybody to get anything.

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