Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Brand New Feature That’s Bound to Be a Success: Clear Zoomed Photos?

We had big expectations for both Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, but we ended up disappointed. They came up with a design almost identical with that of Samsung’s 2017 main lineup, and there were no new features. As a result, this was the worst sold Galaxy S series since 2012. However, we need to be grateful for the fact that Samsung also came up with the new Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10+, which were released last month. They have a beautiful design, updated cameras, and new features. They’re really what we expected from the Galaxy S9 series.

A brand new S10 model, the Galaxy S10 5G will also make its appearance later this month, and it will come with a bigger display than that of the S10+. It will also come with a quad-lens camera array on the back, which means that we won’t get the triple-lens setup anymore. We’ll also get 5G connectivity.

Later this month, Galaxy Fold will be released, and it will be the first foldable smartphone on the market. We all know the photos, we want the real-life experience. There are many leaks out there, but the biggest one surfaced a few days ago.

We’re talking about a brand new feature

We’ve heard before about a feature that will appear on the new Oppo smartphone, and it has to do with 10x hybrid zoom. Basically, it will offer clear zoomed photos. And that’s something we haven’t seen so far.


How about 100x optical hybrid zoom and a 1/1.2″ 192MP camera? You’ve read that right. If this leak will truly happen, Samsung will come first in charts. And besides the awesome features that we expect, we’ll also get this one, and we cannot see anything but a big win for Samsung.

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