New League of Legends PBE 9.8 Changes: Morgana’s Nerf Gets Reverted, Zed’s Not That Lucky

League of Legends’ PBE has seen a lot of action in the past days. We first spotted the raw numbers of the incoming balance change announced by the Team Lead Designer at Riot Games, David Capurro (@RiotRepertoir). The changes soon reached PBE today, also revealing the Morgana and Zed nerfs which triggered quite a lot of players.

While there’s no great news for Zed players, we just found out that Morgana is actually losing the entire nerf in PBE:

Among the changes made in PBE today, Fiora, Gnar, Renekton and Master Yi also got some updated stats. Here are the other tweaks, as announced by Repertoir:


  • HP :: 572.16 >>> 575
  • AS growth :: 2.65% >>> 2.75%
  • Armor growth :: 3.8 >>> 4
  • Q healing against champions :: 3x >>> 4x

Master Yi:

  • NEW: Master Yi is ghosted (can move through units) during R

We also got to check out the new login which features Galaxy Slayer Zed – you can watch it here:

As we mentioned in our previous article, all balance changes introduced in PBE are subject to change, as they get introduced for testing before reaching the live servers. Fortunately for everyone who loves playing Morgana (including me), her nerf got reverted. However, Zed players won’t get so lucky, since Repertoir specifically said that the champion has “crossed the OP line.”

Check back here for the latest PBE changes and news about the League of Legends Patch 9.8.

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