Hearthstone: Your Standard Brawliseum – Best Decks, Classes and Rewards

The Tavern Brawl this week in Hearthstone is Your Standard Brawliseum, which will make you fight as you were in an Arena. And here’s where the bad news lies.

For those that didn’t get to play this mode, it’s like the Arena, where you build your strongest standard deck and go to battle. You can get up to 12 wins and get the biggest reward, and you’re out after you’ve lost three games. The reward system is similar to the Arena reward system as well – the list of rewards is at the bottom of this article.

What makes this month’s Tavern Brawl so special and challenging for many players? The fact that the Rise of Shadows expansion was just released and the meta decks are very few. But we’ve got you covered with a few decks and classes that will surely secure some wins.

Your Standard Brawliseum: Rise of Shadows Decks

The best classes that will win you battles are Rogue, Shaman, and Hunter.


For Rogue, try the Thief Rogue (Burgle Rogue) deck that will steal random cards from opponents. Make sure you have Heistbaron Togwaggle!


The best Shaman deck this year is the Overload Shaman which must contain the Sludge Slurper. When you see a Shaman in Ranked or Brawliseum, be sure he has this deck.


The last winning deck is the Deathrattle Mech Hunter that works perfectly with the card Nine Lives to make all Deathrattle minions deadly!

Your Standard Brawliseum: Rewards

After you won a game in Your Standard Brawliseum, you won’t just get a card pack as a reward. The Brawl is a rework of the Arena, so it also comes with the same reward structure that will give you more goodies as you get more wins. Win at least 7 games to get back the 150 gold. The first entrance is free, so try the above decks to get as many wins as possible!

Let’s take a look at the Arena rewards which are the same for this Tavern Brawl:

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