Some New Leaks Show GTA 6 and PS5 Coming out in 2020. Yeah, Right!

Anyone can put rumors on the internet; it’s really not that hard especially if we’re talking Pastebin. You always need to make sure that you’re talking all of them with a pinch of salt.

We’re here to tell you what’s new on the internet. Today: GTA 5 and PS5 are coming in 2020. Is this really true, though? According to the internet, yes.

The original Pastebin file, which came from a European game developer that works on a PS5 launch game was first created in December. It’s been on the internet ever since then but now has appeared again to our attention. It’s about the time when PS5 would be announced and when it might actually be here. There are also some possible specs for the hardware and some games that could meet the light of the day.

According to the site, we’ ll get a sneak peek of PS5 in June this year, however, not at E3. The console might arrive in November 2020, and for the price of $499. That’s at $100 more than PS4’s launch price. It will come with backward compatibility and a 7nm Ryzen 8 core. Also, a 16-thread processor with 14 teraflops. It’s been said that this one will show the real deal of 4K gaming, and it will have a new wireless iteration of PS VR.

The controller will come with some new updates, too, with a camera inside for virtual reality.

When it comes to the games for PS5, here’s the list:

Gran Turismo 7 (this one with VR support)


The Last of Us Part 2

Ghost of Tsushima

Battlefield: Bad Company 3

Harry Potter


Assassin’s Creed

Really? GTA 6? With Red Dead Redemption 2 given to us just last year. Great joke!


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