Nexus 6P Class Action Lawsuit Give Users $400

Even though Nexus 6P is one of the most popular Android smartphones ever made, this doesn’t mean that the smartphone doesn’t have its fair share of issues. In fact, Nexus 6P users have been reporting that their smartphones are going into a bootloop mode which renders the devices useless and neither Google nor Huawei wanted to take responsibility for that. To make matters even worse, there is also a battery drain issue that makes it impossible for people to use their Nexus 6P on a daily basis. Luckily, it seems a class action lawsuit might solve this problem.

Nexus 6P Class Action Lawsuit

As previously noted, there are many Nexus 6P users who are complaining about the bootloop mode and the battery drain issue. Therefore, a class action might get Google and Huawei to pay somewhere around $9.75 million in damages. This means that if the proposition made by the class action lawsuit is successful, then Nexus 6P users are finally going to receive their money back.

Google and Huawei to Give $400 to All Nexus 6P Users

We want to make it clear that Huawei and Google are the ones who proposed the settlement. Furthermore, the two tech giants want to pay up to $400 each Nexus 6P user who has suffered from the bootloop mode or battery drain issue. In addition, Nexus 6P users who have received a Pixel XL in exchange for their Nexus 6P will be eligible to get $10.

Documentation of the Issues

As you would expect, Huawei and Google are asking that all affected Nexus 6P users to present a detailed documentation of the issues. This shows us that the two tech giants are looking for ways to cut down on their losses. The last thing that we want to mention is that the only Nexus 6P users who can benefit from this settlement are those who live in the US.

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