Google Play Store v14.5.52: There’s a New Material Theme Redesign That Might Let You Install Apex Packages on Android Q

Google has started to test a Material Theme redesign for apps such as Google Calculator, Google Calendar, Google Photos, Google Home, Google Keep, Files and Google Drive. On this list, there will also be the Google Play Store app, that will be soon added to the Material Theme redesign. This info was first seen by 9to5Google. They have also seen certain updates in the app – you might be able to install APEX packages directly from the Play Store. We are really excited about this!

Google Play Store v14.5.52Google Play Store v14.5.52

With the help of an XDA Recognized Developer, some people managed to activate the Google Material Theme redesign on the latest version of the Google Play Store, the version which has the number 14.5.52. They have seen that the most significant change is the bottom bar, that now contains different, separate tabs for Games, Home, Movies & TV and Books. This makes the navigation way easier than before.

The icons are monochrome, and they change to their assigned accent color when the tab is selected. The search bar is rounded at corners. The homepage also has rounded square icons.

The App Info page comes with the Google Sans font. The button for installing apps is now longer. There were some changes to the download indicator, which is now circular and around the app icon. There is also a new Permissions section.

What’s more…

And besides all of these changes, 9to5Google has also seen some certain strings. They interpreted this as being some kind of support for initiating the full Android system updates that come from Google Play.

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