Messenger to Move Back to the Original Facebook App

Ever since the year 2014, if you wanted to use the messaging function of Facebook on your smartphone, you had to download the Messenger app. This app is separate than the regular Facebook app.

Of course, there are some benefits to this, and using the Messenger app without downloading the Facebook app (in case you don’t have an account) is one of them. however, it does not make any sense. It seems that Facebook wants to take its function back in to the original, regular app.

How do we know all of this?

Jane Manchun Wong, who’s a code investigator, has found some hints that show that it might happen. She posted a tweet about this, in which she wrote about this change being a part of the strategy of the company. It seems that they wanted to do this before. Even more, they want now to put all of its chat apps under one app. This means that WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram will all be found in one single app.

In another tweet, she then said that the chat features that might appear in the Facebook app will not be the same with those of the Messenger app. There won’t be the same functionality.

You will be able to chat with all of your Facebook friends by using just text, however, you’ll still need the main Messenger app for all of the other functions, such as video chats, phone calls, reactions and, most importantly, sending and receiving photos.

But it’s not all done, it could change in time. it’s possible for Facebook to take it slow, and, in time, to bring all of the features back to the original app, but that’s not for sure.

At this point, we cannot do anything but simply wait for an official statement.

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