Official PlayStation 5 News: Sony Reveals Features Like 8K Graphics, Ray Tracing and More

For months we have been waiting for PlayStation 5 news from Sony, and in the middle of rumors and leaks, we finally learn details straight from the source!

In an interview with Wired, the lead system architect for the PS4, Mark Cerny, shared some of the features we will see in the next-generation PlayStation console. One thing is true: the PS5 won’t be an upgrade of the PS4. It will be much more than that!

PS5: 8K graphics, 3D audio, Fast SSDs Backwards Compatibility with PS4

Mark Cerny explained that we would not see a boost in specs in the PlayStation 5– we will see new hardware inside the console. Here are the features we know from Cerny’s interview:

  • Eight-core CPU from AMD’s third-gen Ryzen
  • Custom GPU from AMD’s Radeon Navi hardware – which includes ray-tracing graphics
  • 8K graphics
  • 3D audio
  • Hard Drive replaced with an SSD
  • Backwards compatible with PS4 games

Among other details, the games for PlayStation 5will launch in the beginning for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The interview did not include information on the next plans for PSVR. There are no details about a next-gen headset that will be made for the PlayStation 5, but Sony did confirm that the current PSVR headset will work with the next-gen console.

Although the main details have been revealed by Sony, the company did not talk about media features or games. We might have to wait for these details, as Sony won’t come to E3 this year.

As for the release date for the PlayStation 5, Cerny did not disclose the information but stated that it would not come this year. However, developers already got access to devkits, which could mean that the launch will be in 2020, as previously rumored.

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