Nintendo Switch: Individual Game Save Transfer Between Systems

We come with news with regards to the latest Nintendo Switch update! This update allows you to transfer individual game saves between different systems. Up until this point, you only could move all your user and save your data between the Switch consoles. It all started with the update version 4.0.0, that was officially released in October 2017. However, all of this is useless for those who share consoles, and for those who did not bother to create separate profiles for each of them.

A new Switch mode on the way?

This also means that you can play Super Mario Odyssey and save the game, then take it with you if you want to buy the new Switch models, that Nintendo will apparently release this year.

If you think it is not worth your time or money to do the upgrade, or if you perhaps want a cheaper model, you still need to keep in mind that transferring a game save to a new Switch will actually wipe it from the source system.

What is new on the update version 8.0.0?

The update, which has the version number 8.0.0, also comes with new 15 user icons, some of them from Splatoon 2 and Yoshi’s Crafter World. You’ll also be able to set your region to South Korea, Taiwan or Hong Kong. You will find out that there are now more ways to sort software: by the software publisher, by the last time you played, by the total playing time, or by the software title. We will also find a zoom feature, and some restrictions for the VR Mode due to parental controls.

Those of you who have a Nintendo Switch should get the update automatically. If not, you could also do it manually, through the system settings.

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