Massive Clash Royale April Update Available to Download with New Card, Modes, Trophy Road, and More

This month, Clash Royale players have just been treated with a massive update that went live earlier this week. If you haven’t spotted the changes and new features, or don’t know how some of them work, we’re here to help you out.

Clash Royale 2.7.1 update is now live and can be downloaded also as an APK file from APK Mirror. The update includes a new card, game modes and Trophy Road.

The New Card

The new card is a rare spell called Earthquake. It costs 3 Elixir, and deals damage per second.

The damage is dealt to Crown Towers (full damage), with an increase of 400% damage to other buildings. The spell can also deal damage and slow ground troops, but it will not affect flying units.

The New Game Modes

Mega Deck Mode, Elixir Rush and Dragon Hunt are the new game modes.

Mega Deck Mode – create a deck of 18 cards and plan new strategies to defeat your enemy. This mode will also come with an increased Elixir generation.

Elixir Rush – the main focus of this game mode is to gather as much elixir as you can to defeat your opponent.

Dragon Hunt – destroy the dragon egg and claim the Dragon, which will fight on your side and can easily destroy a building if your opponent doesn’t react fast enough.

Trophy Road

As you go up the 1v1 fights through the Arena, you will be able to collect rewards. If you have many trophies, the rewards get better. This new reward system is called Trophy Road, and it also comes with Trophy Gate, which will help you remain in the Arena and no drop below if you lose games. At the end of the Season, your road will reset and you can get those rewards again. There is also a Speed boost for chests which you’ll receive at the start of the Arena to help you progress faster.

There are also many other changes and new stuff in the Clash Royale April update, which you can check out on the official Clash Royale website, where the team has more detailed patch notes and different videos to help you figure out all the new content added to the game.

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