iOS Features Will Be Coming To MacOS 10.15

We’ve been waiting for MacOS 10.15 for the last months. There have been plenty of rumours and leaks during this time. As it turns out, Apple will be packing plenty of features in this update. We heard about various extensions and apps, and now a new report makes new details available.
According to 9to5mac, “Apple is working on bringing the Mac and iOS closer together with the introduction of macOS 10.15 and iOS 13.” This will definitely be an interesting move and we cannot wait to see how Apple will manage to integrates iOS features.

Which features will be added to macOS?

The first feature we expect to see on macOS is Siri Shortcuts. This feature is very useful, and it has been added recently, when iOS 12 was introduced. With the help of this feature users can create voice shortcuts for various actions for apps. In the iOS version this has to be downloaded from the App Store, and we expect something similar in MacOS as well.

We also expect to see the Screen Time function to become available for MacOS. This feature is only available for iOS users and it shows hem exactly how much time they spend on each time of app. More than that, this feature can be used to limit someone’s time on certain apps. Some people can use it in order to stay away from distractions while they are working, while parents could limit screen time for their children. The Screen Time feature can be customized, and once an user exceeds the time limit for an app, that app will announce them, or it will become locked.
The Apple ID management panel is also expected on MacOS. With the help of its panel users are able to customize their Apple ID preferences.

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