Run Windows OS On Your Android Phone In Just A Couple Of Minutes

Today we are going to show you how to run Windows on an Android smartphone. While this might sound like a complex task, it won’t take you more than 2 minutes to complete it. We will provide all the steps you need, and you just have to follow them.

With the help of this guide you will be able to run Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10. Remember than Windows OS won’t be in fact installed on your device, and it will be emulated.

How to get Windows on your Android phone

First of all you need to make sure that your device is running Android 4.4 or above. More than that, it is recommended to have at least 2 GB of RAM and an octa-core processor. Then you have to install the Limbo PC Emulator on your Android device.

Now you need to get the ISO/IMG Image of the Windows OS that you want emulated. You should find the image files that you need here. After you do that you can open the Limbo app.

In the app you have to click the Load Machine option and then select New. You can create a New Machine when you enter a name. Now you need to choose certain settings:

  • Architecture: x86
  • Machine Type: PC
  • CPU Model: Default
  • Core: 1
  • RAM: 512 GB (you need more RAM for Windows 8 and above)

Once you have entered these settings you need to select the Storage option. Tick he harddisk A box and then select the path of the Windows XP image file. Head over to User Interface settings and then choose Interface as SDL and choose Orientation as Landscape. Now click the play button in order to run the program. Wait until it loads, and you are done.

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