Fortnite Just Teased Another Avengers Crossover For This Week

Fortnite players rejoice, as the Avengers crossover is back once again this week. Epic has just revealed the crossover today, which will go live on April 25, just in time for Avengers: Endgame premiere, the movie that everyone has been waiting for!

Fortnite Meets The Avengers – “Whatever It Takes”

So far, there are no details about what the crossover will include, but we can see the image from Epic where one of the Fortnite characters has Captain America’s shield. Added to the photo, the message “whatever it takes”  makes everyone more hyped, both for the crossover and for the movie!

The previous Avengers crossover was last year when we saw Thanos in Fortnite, and players experienced a new mode where they could become Thanos. Looking at Captain America’s shield, this time we could see something that it’s based around the item – seeing that Epic also introduced the Infinity Blade sword to the game, which was kind of overpowered, but was planned to be introduced in Sword Fight game mode (you can check the details here).

We hope the Avengers crossover comes with some superhero skins and emotes as well.

Strange Runes Spreading on the Map

Other than that, Fortnite players should be very busy this week, as there are some strange alien runes on the map, slowly spreading everywhere. The World Cup is also getting closer, featuring not just battle royale, but also creative competitions.

Check out the tweet from Epic, and stay close for more updates on Fortnite:

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