GPD Win 2 Max Switches From Intel to AMD Ryzen APU, According To Recent Images

GPD company had shared on social media platforms a few unclear schematics of its upcoming GPD Win 2 Max handheld gaming PC, shooting rumors that the company switched from Intel chips to AMD Ryzen APU.

Rumors have been reportedly confirmed once the website released a couple of images, although GPD has a long history of using Intel’s Atom chips for its PCs, such as Cherry Trail.

GPD’s series of products Win and Pocket have used Intel’s Atom processors, but even so, gaming has never been powerful enough on the Atom design, even at a low 720p resolution. The leaked images of the forthcoming GPD Win 2 Max reflect what it looks like a Ryzen Embedded V1000-series APU, found in the upcoming Smach Z, a smaller handheld gaming device.

GPD Win 2 Max will sport AMD Ryzen APU instead of Intel chipsets

Some decent IO is unveiled on the GPD Win 2 Max purported internals: an HDMI port, 2 USB Type-A ports which’s versions are unknown, a USB Type-C port, most likely for charging, a micro SD slot, and what it looks to be a headphone jack.​ The Win Max has an M.2 slot with possible NVME support, as well as a Wifi and Bluetooth card.

Because it is on the opposite side of the board, the RAM memory is not visible. RAM will be crucial for Win Max as single channel memory, but usually bad for CPU efficiency because of the lowered memory bandwidth. It is even worse for AMD’s integrated Vega graphics, as graphics win in a huge amount from dual-channel memory or high-speed memory like GDDR6 and HBM2.

It seems like this processor won’t be as performing at a very high TDP if we consider the size of the device, which means that the execution will be quite lower than on normal laptops, but it will surely be faster than an Atom processor, and most likely more power efficient.

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