​WhatsApp vs. Snapchat: Positive and Negative Traits – Which One is Better?

WhatsApp and Snapchat are a couple of the world’s greatest messaging services, having the reputation of being impressive among the smartphone users at the moment. Read below the comparison we made between the services to figure out which one is better.


Positive traits

This service is user-friendly, having the best interface with the best looks: clear and understandable. Contacts can be seen from your contact list as it connects to it, so there is no need to add or edit the contacts manually, and you can also send the content of a contact in a compatible format. You can see if the person if online or offline, as well as when it was ‘last seen’ online. The status ‘typing’ appears on the top when you are waiting for a reply. Also, you can change your status. You can restore back-up Android, without needing to type out any address again, so it makes it possible for you to share your location.

Negative traits

Unfortunately, WhatsApp doesn’t have voice-over-internet protocol service thus any app that allows internet-based voice calling, sharing media and messaging is better when it comes down to its range of capabilities.


Positive traits

The fact that it allows a temporary sharing is assuring if you ever worry about sending an image by mistake because the image will be automatically removed by the system.

Negative traits

The temporary system of text-messaging is a shame because it gets rid of the essential purpose of text-chat, as the whole chat except for the saved ones, are deleted as soon as the char session is closed. When it comes to deleted snaps, coders have actually stated in public that you can recover them by using a recovery-data software program.

Snaps are stored in a short-time folder for a while on Android OS. Also, issues in the app while deleting snaps and informing senders about screenshots occurred a lot in the past. Snapchat users are also at risk of being hacked online.

The conclusion

The results are pretty close for those two popular apps in the end. But to answer the question that which one is better, let’s see the particular purpose of using both apps.

WhatsApp is way more remarkable, with its features and design created in such way that it attracts users no matter their age.

You can also backup WhatsApp to your PC or any Cloud service and organize your collections. There’s a small amount of security risk involved when using it, but the bottom ine is that  WhatsApp is the best service to communicate with the endless contacts and this is why is meets the needs of today’s internet users.

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