iPhone SE2 News: Specs, Prices, And Release Date

Apple’s last years have been quite a success. New features were introduced, and we’re talking about the FaceID, the “notch” that didn’t impress many users, but also the iPhone SE that got discontinued only one year after being released. Looking at the recent rumors and leaks, we think that the iPhone SE might make a comeback in the form of a second generation: iPhone SE2

iPhone SE2 – Why Would This Phone Be Released?

In a market dominated by Android phones, with manufacturers offering great specs at low prices, Apple needs to release a sub-$1000 iPhone to cater for regions like Asia. For example, many iPhone SE devices get refurbished, and there is quite a high demand.

Apple has released many other devices that come in different price ranges – take a look at the MacBook, the iPads and the iMacs, where you have a Lite, a stock and a Pro version. Let’s check out the specs and other details below, as predicted by Lifehacker’s Anthony Caruana:

iPhone SE2 Specs, Price, Release Date

There is no official announcement of the iPhone SE2, but Caruana looked back at what the first SE offered and what could be used to keep the next one under the $1,000 price range:

Display – 5.1-inch LED (multi-touch display), 1498-by-686 resolution (326 ppi)

Processor – A11 Bionic chip

Cameras – 12MP (back), 7MP (selfie)

Storage – 128GB

Colors – probably black, white or blue

Security – Face ID

The iPhone SE2 should be a low-cost entry point device that has the looks and software of the expensive devices but comes with specs that are a generation (or more) older than the flagships. The iPhone SE was $679, and if Apple can price the iPhone SE2 at around that value, it would be quite a hit.

The release date of the iPhone SE2 could follow its announcement in June at the Worldwide Developer Conference, meaning we could see the iPhone SE2 come out around September, when the next iPhones will be released with the next iOS version.

However, we could also see the iPhone SE2 being released in March 2020 so that Apple can first reveal and sell the flagship models and then release the budget iPhone a few months later.

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