Fortnite and Avengers: Endgame Crossover Teased On Fortnite’s Twitter Account

Avengers: Endgame will be released to cinemas on April 25, and many fans are already looking forward to the myriad of tie-in products which will become available. Those who play Fortnite will be happy to learn that the juggernaut battle royale title will feature a special crossover event which was teased by the official Fortnite Twitter account. No details are available at this point, but it is likely that the content will be quite enjoyable.

A similar event took place last year when Marvel released Avengers: Infinity War. A special mode allowed players to track down the infinity gauntlet. Those who managed to find the gauntlet were transformed into Thanos and gained access to a robust kit of abilities.

The teaser image features a Fortnite character who hold Captain America’s shield, and select voices claim that players will have the chance to collect special weapons, items or even skins.
Fortnite was released less than two years ago, but the battle royale title has managed to attract millions of players from all over the world.

Fortnite and Avengers: Endgame Crossover Teased On Fortnite’s Twitter Account

The original game featured a co-op campaign which introduced many of the mechanics present in the PvP mode. Some critics complain about the fact that Fortnite offers a single map, but they do not take into account the fact that the map is heavily modified during each season. For example, a zone that was quite unpopular among the community was removed when a comet crashed into the area at the start of Season 4.

Epic, the company who created and published Fortnite, is currently in hot waters due to the aggressive exclusivity policy initiated after the launch of the Epic Store, yet another digital storefront for video games.

Avengers: End Game is the culmination of a cinematic universe which began 11 years ago when the first Iron Man movie was released. A decimated team will struggle to save the world in the aftermath of the snap which eradicated 50% of all the living beings.

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