Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – Beta Goes LIVE!

When Niantic’s Pokemon Go was released, I bought an external battery and started walking around the city to catch them all. Bumping into other enthusiasts like me, I laughed how we were all hooked by this game.

Now, also a fan of Harry Potter, I cannot tell you how much I’ve been waiting for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, hoping it would be unique and up to everyone’s expectations!

The great news is that the Beta for the game is now LIVE! Unfortunately, the Beta program has been launched in New Zealand this week, but we’re expecting to see it spread beyond this region. I really hope to grab it fast and see how cool the game is first hand.

Let’s check out all the new things about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite below.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – Gameplay

Niantic Labs now has over 2 years of experience with Pokemon Go, and they should have learned from their mistakes by now. Just by looking at the graphics and sounds, we see how great the game is just from the startup screen.

You get to see an owl, the Ministry of Magic and more, making you feel you are part of their important cause of keeping the magical world safe and secret. The UI showing you the map is basic, similar to the one in Pokemon Go, but you’re not looking to capture animals.

You are fighting for a noble cause, bringing you – as a player – into the spotlight as you team up with other wizards to protect the Wizarding World!

You will get the same “gotta catch them all” feeling when you see you have to collect spells and “Findables.” Meanwhile, your powers will grow as you progress into the game, and keep on walking in the real world!

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – Release Date

As for the release date, looking at how Pokemon Go was launched, Harry Potter: WU should be out before school ends. I can’t wait to get my hands on the game, and if you’re just like me, then sign up on the official website. I have also pre-registered to the game in the play store to be notified as soon as possible about the beta and the release of the full game.

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