New League of Legends Champions Teased In Riot’s Champion Roadmap

We’re not talking about the new enchanter support called Yuumi, which is “just around the corner,” as Reav3 mentioned in the recent champion roadmap!

Riot Games revealed their champion roadmap a few days ago, and Reav3 talked about the updates that will come to the game and the two new champions: the solo lane AD assassin and a marksman said to be non-traditional.

The AD Assassin From a New Faction, And a “Very Non-traditional Marksman” To Join The Field of Justice

This champion’s arrival will send you deep into the jungles of Runeterra where a brand new faction, hidden from the rest of the world, will reveal itself. This assassin has powers which give them all the elements they need to use their surroundings in clever and innovative ways.

Trespassers beware and stay away from the walls, for nowhere is safe when you enter deep into these jungles.

Here’s an image to complete the story:

The second new champion is a little more mysterious, as Reav3 only noted that:

In addition to all these big announcements, we also have a very non-traditional marksman planned for late this year.

While the teasers are not very detailed, we are happy to see that new champions are coming to the game, especially that solo lane AD assassin – considering these guys are pretty rare.

VGUs and the New Champions of 2019

Last year, Riot released three new champions: Kai’Sa, Pyke, and Neeko, and we hope Riot has more plans for this year, considering they won’t spend as much time on VGUs as last year. And talking about VGUs, Pantheon is next in line for the rework – the team plans to rebuild his visuals, expand his lore and “modernize” his kit:

We plan on preserving the aggressive, reliable nature of his play pattern while also adding a deeper set of options and decisions for him to play around with.

You can check him out in the photo at the beginning of the article.

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