ShowBox Is Being Sued by Several Movie Studios

Piracy has its evolution as we can see. We have some good years that piracy has moved away from the traditional torrents to the streaming apps. Of course, the idea that those kind of streaming movies are perfectly legal because everyone will tell you that they aren’t downloading the video, just streaming it. The problem is that a group of movie studios want some justice and have filed a lawsuit against the creators of ShowBox.

Besides this, another example of lawsuits targeting was Kodi Box apps for live TV streaming. Now they are targeting the maker of the application that demands access to the movies. The real problem comes when users aren’t aware of the fact that using those kinds of apps and streaming moving online is illegal. So it’s the case of ShowBox.

On the other hand, ShowBox app is promoted by the Defendants legitimate for the public and viewing content. The users who have installed the ShowBox app to watch movies, they think the content viewed is copyright protected. Also, the Defendants are hidden behind anonymous individuals spread in Hawaii and the United States for the legal peril for copyright infringement. They also have false identities, addresses, and anonymous domain registrations for gaining the money through their illicit enterprise.

Finally, the purpose of this lawsuit is to help the movie studios to ask an injunction to force any copies of ShowBox or other apps of TV streaming. Moreover, the trial goes further and asks for the site owners to be blocked. They want the contribution to any infringement of their movies to be blocked. The cost of this lawsuit is enormous! In the case of the studios winning, $150.000 per film must be paid.

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