Will The Sims 5 Be Released This Year?

No good news is in sight regarding The Sims 5. Even the players are waiting with excitement to the new game; the company hasn’t offered many details about the future release date. People want to know more about it, but what are EA’s plans? If EA is planning to do the same like Rockstar, then our dreams are ruined. But we have some reports that say the EA executive has leaked prospects regarding The Sims 5, and the saddest information could be that until The Sims 4 won’t turn out to be a failure, no future game will be released.

What Other Reports Do We Have about The Sims 5?

If we are looking at the numbers, The Sims 4 has brought EA around $1 billion after the release. But if we see the numbers and the trend of games as a service that is becoming more popular as ever, maybe EA isn’t the company to take advantage of its customers. But what about the release date? By looking at Rockstar and its plans with the Grand Theft Auto 6, the game will not be launched until the GTA Online will not be successful anymore. If EA is taking their example, The Sims 5 will have the same fate. Of course, we are talking about rumors and predictions here, and nothing is confirmed and for sure.

Unfortunately, EA hasn’t come with a teaser for the game as well. But maybe in the near future, a future announcement will be made about the fifth game of the Sims series.  So, boys and girls don’t get your hopes up until EA will make an official announcement. It seems that the company wants to benefit more from The Sims 4 before they start developing and launching the Sims 5.

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