Data Cloud Backup on Minecraft – New Issues Happening

The problem has started from a user that had posted on Reddit that he is having issues with Minecraft, and the fact that it’s no longer supporting save data to cloud backup. The user had posted a screenshot showing that the “software does not support backup via Save Data Cloud Service” when he tried to access the Save Data Cloud tab. The conflicting problem is that one day before, the service had worked. What is happening?

What Could Be the Reasons Behind this Issue?

Some of the issues that could affect this changing of the service could be:

  • The recent Switch update;
  • The Minecraft Bedrock update;
  • Xbox Live has cloud support, and this could be the decision of shutting down the service on Nintendo. Having both of them running with cloud support can be redundant for the same game;
  • Developers could choose whether or not to support Nintendo Cloud Save or not.
  • The online subscription has run out;
  • The region from where you belong;
  • The Switch can be up to date;
  • The problem with firmware version must be updated;

However, after the user had posted its screenshot on Reddit, he had tried in numerous ways to fix the problem. Like turning on/off his device, he has checked if the issues mentioned above are causing the problem and even deleted the game and all Minecraft save data, redownloaded it again from the shop, and nothing helped.

Also, after long discussions, reasons, opinions and trying things, more other users have come out with the same problem. The interesting thing is this happens only to Minecraft because all the other games support cloud saves. So, what seems to be the problem here? From Minecraft, we don’t have any official announcement yet, but we are hoping that a few words will be posted for their fans and users.

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