Evernote vs. Google Keep – Which Productivity App Is Better

Apps make our lives easier and we can really say that there is an app for everything. There are numerous applications out there that can be used to boost our productivity. Google Keep and Evernote are two such apps. They provide numerous useful features that will help you become a lot more organized.

However, one question remains. Which app is better? It is hard to answer this question, but we can put this two side by side and compare them so you can decide which one is a better match for your needs.


The Evernote app is available on several platforms including iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows and MacOS. Evernote comes with numerous features and it can be used to archive, create task lists, organize your notes and so on.

One of the biggest advantages of Evernote is the fact that it allows you to keep all your information in one place since it supports multiple formats such text format, voice memos and so on. You can also add images or web page excerpts. It is also possible to set up reminders for your important tasks so that you don’t forget about them.

One disadvantage of Evernote would be the fact that the free version can be used only with two devices. However, this might be enough for users who just need to connect their computer with their smartphone. We also have to add that Evernote has different functions for every device, and this is something that might prove to be a bit tricky.

We should also note that Linux users can’t use the app as there is no Evernote version available for it. Another con would be the fact that you’ll receive constant notifications to upgrade your account, which can be annoying.

Google Keep

Google Keep is one of the most popular notes app for Android smartphones. The application is now known as Keep Notes and it allows you to store all your ideas in one place. Google Keep is available on Web, Google Chrome, Desktop, Android and iOS.

The Google Keep lists are incredibly efficient as well. Once you mark a task as completed it will go down to the bottom of the list. Google Keep will also recommend you related items when you are typing, and if you type an item that is already listed it will show up on top.

The app also allows you to add everything to your notes. You can even add voice memos that will be transcribed by Google Keep. All your data will sync across all your device so it will always be within reach.

Google Keep also offers location-based reminders which are incredibly useful. For instance, you can set up a reminder for your grocery list that will be activated when you reach the supermarket. You can also share your lists and notes with other users and they can edit them with their own additions, which is a great tool when it comes o planning.

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