How To Prevent MDA Censorship in Singapore

Singapore started monitoring the online activities of its citizens back in the 1990s. The ISPs were given authority to track over the online activities of Singaporeans. Things started to get worse in the 2000s when the government started blocking websites on the web. Many satirical websites, as well as those that talk on sensitive political issues started getting banned on the internet.

The MDA is known to block websites of sexual nature as well, with plenty adult websites, including Ashley Madison getting banned in the past.

These censorship activities directly affect the online freedom rights of Singaporeans. Any citizen has the right to access anything on the web, regardless of his or her physical location. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent MDA censorship in Singapore and access any content on the web with complete ease and comfort.

The best way to avoid these censorships and enjoy complete internet freedom is to make use of a VPN service. VPN services have servers spread all over the globe. Connecting to any of these servers change your IP location from your actual physical location to the one of the server’s. Changing your IP location is the best way to avoid any censorships that are present at your physical location.

While you use a VPN service, it is important to note that the service should be a reliable one. Because if in case your actual online locations leaks, you can get punished by your government or surveillance organizations.

After completing our PureVPN review, we believe that this service is the best bet when it comes to complete online security and privacy as well as internet freedom. The service offers military grade encryption that keep your online activities safe and private even from the most dangerous surveillance agencies in the world.

Our PureVPN review confirms that the Honk Kong based service retains over 2,000 servers in 140+ countries, allowing you to avoid all kinds of censorships or geo-blockages present on the web. With PureVPN, you can not only avoid censorships in place by the MDA, but you can also avoid geo-blockages in place by streaming channels and other such services on the web.

What’s more, you can also get to access the US version of Netflix, which is the best version of Netflix anywhere in the globe, with over 5,000 pieces of different content.

With PureVPN, you can get to enjoy the best online privacy, security standards, while enjoying complete freedom on the web. So what are you waiting for? Get PureVPN now to enjoy complete online freedom in Singapore or from any country in the world!

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