Motorola RAZR v4 Comes with a Lot of Accessories; What Is Its Price?

Motorola has tried its luck in the foldable phones industry, as well, and it sure is interesting. It comes with a vertical fold, and if they do it properly, they could revolutionize the clamshell phones. The renders for this phone give us a good look at what they have been doing so far.

The images show what we have heard so far, and it’s not so bad. Seeing the number of accessories that it comes with, it might be a special edition package, because they simply are too much. We have a wireless charger, USB-A to USB-C charging cable, earbuds, a power adapter and USB-C to 3.5mm audio port. It’s been also confirmed by the pictures that the phone will not come with the well-known, traditional 3.5mm audio jack. If the renders are legit, then we can get an idea on how this phone would look like, with its folding screen design.

The pictures of the unannounced Motorola RAZR V4 have originally appeared on Weibo, but they took them down. They were then uploaded on numerous sites after.

The images show a patent that has been seen back in January, but we cannot understand if this confirms all the rumors on the internet that there would be a second display on the front of the device.

How is Motorola different than the others on the market?

It’s quite different than its competitors on Huawei and Samsung, because the phone appears to fold vertically, and not horizontally, as we were used to with. This design means that the phone will become more portable, and it will not be a tablet that folds into the size of a phone.

According to some sources, the phone will cost $1,500 when it will be released.

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