Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Recent Trailer Revealed Changes In Blackout Mode, Spectre Return, And More

A new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 trailer for the game’s upcoming launch, with the title Operation Spectre Rising, had been released by Treyarch. The new Operation comes with a new Specialist and new features in Black Ops 4’s separate multiplayer modes.

The new Specialist is named Spectre and is armed with a katana, and having the ability to attack groups of enemies and quickly jump between them to drop the annihilating slits. They can see the forms of the rivals through their smoke grenades, enabling them to get the plummet on their targets. Spectre will as well be added to Blackout as a new skin for your character.

There are also three new maps in Operation Spectre rising. Artifact is a selection of tight paths that blend between a collection of cliffs and rocks, and you can hid down below but also be able to run into an enemy hiding behind a corner, or go on high ground but at the risk of exposing yourself.

Masquerade is a new urban map that conjoins back alleys with huge open spaces that are filled with festival decorations you can use as a shelter. WMD comes to Black Ops 4 in the new Operation also, which is an upgrade of the map from the original Black Ops.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 trailer revealed remarkable changes in Operation Spectre Rising

The game has a huge update in Operation Spectre Rising, and just like the Fortnite’s map changes over time, the original map in Call of duty’s battle royale mode is going through a change, named Wetworks.

The barrier that marked the top of Blackout will be demolished, letting all the water to flood into the rest of the map. This option brings greater utility to boats and helicopters in the game, and also many of the map’s pathways can now only be crossed by entering in or going over the water.

The version also adds new characters, new game modes such as Bounty Hunter, Zombie Gauntlets, and Prop Hunt, and new weapons (Ballistic Knife, Nifo’oti Club, Tigershark LMG), outfits, weapon charms, and camos. The Operation is already available as of April 30 on PS4, but it will follow on PC and Xbox One later.

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