Kodi Latest April 2019 Update Available to Download

Kodi is a free, open-source media player software for multiple operating systems for the use with televisions and remote controls. With Kodi, you can play and view most streaming media: music, video, podcasts from the Internet. So now Kodi comes with a new update for your device, any device from Android, to iOS, MacOS, Windows, and Amazon FireOS.

Kodi Update – We will show you the recent features that the April 2019 update is bringing to Kodi (Kodi Add-ons).

  • Movie Theater Butter – for the Diamond Wizard repo, Kodi comes with a video add-on called Movie Theater Butter. The add-on has an updated code for links, and you can play streams for 1-click or from another list.
  • Tubi TV – another Kodi video add-on is Tubi TV that is working very fast and good. You can play it with 1-click the stream, and you won’t have the latest movies and TV shows. But even like that, you must have it, because it’s necessary for the Kodi setup.
  • Supremacy – this is an all-in-one add-on that will give you content for 3D, 4K, HD, TV, movies, and sports. You can play 1-click Movies, 4K movies, 24/7 Shows, and Box Sets. Using the 1-click movies category, you will have SD or HD links that will play the videos automatically.
  • Overeasy – this Kodi add-on is a Kodi Exodus Fork, which is coded to gather as many links as possible, so you will have a lot of TV shows and movies to play.
  • Exodus Redux – this is an add-on that has the purpose of searching and pulling links from the Internet. You will play movies, TV shows in the best format.
  • 13 Clowns – the add-on has been updated with a new URL, and you can play cartoons, movies, documentaries, RV shows, even YouTube.
  • Tempest – the sections and categories you can see with this Exodus/Covenant Fork are movies and TV shows.
  • Maverick TV – the most popular add-on for Kodi has rich content, and now you can see old videos from 4K UHD. Use the 1-click play to search for the best stream available.
  • Magic Dragon – another add-on that includes movies and TV shows for all your needs.
  • Yoda – one of the top Exodus Forks and fashionable too, it’s updated, it’s working good, and it’s from the Supremacy Repository.

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