Borderlands 3 Gameplay Comes with Brand New Features

Gearbox Software has recently live streamed the Borderlands 3 gameplay, and they have also said a lot of things about the co-op looter shooter. The panel was hosted by Randy Pitchford, and it gave us a preview of the game.

There is a new feature

There’s a new feature in Borderlands 3, that allows players in the co-op game to get their own instance of loot. This actually means that a higher level player will not see the same low-tier loot, just like their lower level co-op partner. This is intended for players who are not able to play together at all times, but also don’t want to feel out of sync when they are joining the same lobby. It works together with the level balancing in order to give players various levels with an appropriate loot.

This new feature is not limited to loot, though. Every single thing from the game, from the loot drops to enemies, they all met this new feature. This means that, for every player, the level of the enemy will match the level of the player, so those players who have a lower level will not have a headache when it comes to fighting their enemies.

When it comes to movement

The game also comes with the fact that you can add new game mechanics. All the players are now able to slide under the obstacles and mantle the ledges.

About the firing modes

We all know that guns are a very important part of Borderlands. This game comes with alternate firing modes for weapons. Players just have to press a button, and they would be able to switch the firing mode of their weapons. Many other guns from the game have many firing modes, like fire bullets, ice bullets and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


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