Clash Royale May 6th Balance Update Focuses on Three Musketeers, Bomber, Dark Prince and More

When we talked about the first League Season on trophy road ending on 6 May, we also mentioned that the Clash Royale team announced they will post some patch notes on the incoming balance changes. It seems that with the reset of the League Season, there will also be an update.

Let’s check out the balance changes that will be introduced next week, as well as some explanations from Seth, the CR game designer.

Clash Royale Balance Update – May 6th

Here’s the TL;DR version of the balance changes in the video recently posted by Clash Royale on their YouTube channel:

Three Musketeers

Elixir was reverted to 9 from 10, but the Deploy Time was increased from 1sec to 3sec, adding 0.15sec Deploy Time between Musketeers. Seth explained that this way, enemies will have time to react and effectively use cards like Poison against them.

Wall Breakers

Their range was increased by 100% (from 250 to 500), also becoming more offensive – they deal Damage to Troops that are close when they attack a tower.

Goblin Barrel

The Deploy Time was reduced from 1.2s to 1.1s – giving players a chance to use them and making them more reliable.


Projectile Speed was increased by 33% (from 450 to 600). This way, the Princess should climb back in the win rate charts, since her arrows will be able to also hit faster Troops.

Dark Prince

His Range got increased by 20% (from 1050 to 1250), and the Area Damage Radius also got boosted by 25% (from 1000 to 1250). Now the Dark Prince will no longer struggle against swarm Troops, although he was meant to be a counter from the beginning.


The Bomber’s Hitpoints were increased by 28% (from 147 to 188), making him less fragile. He will be able to take one more Tower shot or a blast from the Musketeers before dying.

You can check out more of the responses from Seth on this Reddit thread, and remember, these changes will go live on May 6!

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