Hearthstone: Showdown at Blackrock Mountain Tavern Brawl Is Live

The first Tavern Brawl in May has begun, and it brings back the Blackrock Mountain heroes – Nefarian and Ragnaros. Called “Showdown at Blackrock Mountain,” players that want to play Tavern Brawl should be familiar with this mode, as it was featured four times so far – the last time we saw it was in a 2018 March Tavern Brawl.

Showdown at Blackrock Mountain

You will play this Brawl with a pre-built wild deck that will complete the Hero Powers Ragnaros and Nefarian have, which are:

  • Ragnaros’ Hero Power summons a 5/1 Magma Rager
  • Nefarian’s Hero Power adds a random spell to your hand that will cost 0 mana.

How to win the Brawls in this mode?

The great news is that you don’t need special cards, as you get a pre-built deck. One of the tips recommended for this mode is to make the most out of the heroes power you have.

– Nefarian’s deck will contain a lot of Dragons – since he is a dragon. It will also have a lot of cards that synergize with the Dragons.

– Ragnaros’ deck will focus on Elementals and will also have cards that will synergize with them.

As always, after winning the first game, you get a free Classic card pack. Showdown at Blackrock Mountain will end this weekend, so if you like this mode as much as I do, make the most of these days!

Rise of Shadows Single Player Campaign

In other Hearthstone news, Blizzard has recently revealed that the solo content of the latest expansion will come next week. In a comment on the Hearthstone subreddit, a member of the Blizzard Game Designer team stated that the single player campaign would soon be announced:

Next week on Thursday May 9th we’ll post a video where Mission Designer Giovanni Scarpati will walk you through all the stuff to come. We’ll also be announcing the launch date (don’t worry – it’s soon!). There’s a LOT to talk about, we’re pretty fired up about it. Stay tuned for more!

Check back here for more Hearthstone news, as we’ll cover the video premiere as soon as possible!

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