Google Maps Update Brings New Features Regarding The So-called “Popular Dishes”

Aside from navigation and mapping, we can’t avoid saying that Yelp can be considered a close competitor to Google Maps. Both services feature user reviews, offer restaurant listings, and even allow in-app reservations. Food menus with pictures from users are now being tested by Google Maps.

A Menu tab is already featured by some restaurant listings in Google Maps. If you are nearby a certain place, you can tap on the Menu tab, and you will see pictures of the dishes with their name, description, and pricing in some cases. Two users from Twitter have been spotted using the service this evening to test “Popular dishes” within the Menu page.

The Menu page only features nested tabs for various sections like entrees and appetizers by now, but everything else is yet to come. It is a very interesting idea as these pictures of food are part of a new “Popular” tab that gets a lot of attention at the moment. However, you can’t see all the items that are included in the menu, but only the ones that are frequently mentioned in reviews and contain pictures.

Google Maps Update Brings New Features Regarding The So-called “Popular Dishes”

The display of the dishes takes place in Material Theme cards links to more reviews, a picture and additional images being included. You can access everything you want to see by one click. You can suggest an edit if you want as this is data from the public.

If Google Maps wants to be considered a competitor by Foursquare and Yelp, then this is one smart move as this feature has been much needed. Reviews and images are being combined with “popular dishes” in a keyway.

Submitted pictures cannot be labeled individually even though users can add images to written reviews. With that being said, even though you see some pictures of a dish you might want, its name might not have been mentioned.

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