New iPhones to Come with a Faster Charger. Will You Pay More?

The option of fast charging has come as standard for many of the Android phones for years, and right now, it seems we’re getting it for iPhones, as well. The company might come with an 18-watt charger that is used for fast-charging for the next-gen iPhone.

Apple has come with fast charging since iPhone 8, but the company asks you to buy an 18-watt charger, separated in order to make the most out of it. If you want an upgrade, from the 5-watt to the 18-watt, you’ll have to pay $29. The company explains that the larger 18-watt chargers can refill about 50% of the battery of the iPhone in about 30 minutes.

Since the Apple’s 18-watt charger comes with a USB-C port, the next iPhone will also come with a USB-C port to Lightning cable. This would be an upgrade from the present charger, which uses an older USB standard port. Also, it would be possible to plug the iPhone into the modern MacBook laptops, without actually buying an adapter or a brand new charging cable.

What we know so far

More details about the type of chargers are not clear so far – we don’t know which type will come in the boxes of new iPhones. Some sources have said that Apple had tested the phones to be compatible with the USB-C input. Ming-Chi Kuo, who’s the TF International Securities analyst, said that they would use Apple’s Lightning standard.

There are other new features that are expected to appear on the next trio of iPhones, such as a triple-lens camera system for those higher-end models, frosted glass design and reverse wireless charging. It’s a well-known fact that Apple usually reveals its new iPhones in September.

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