Firefox Releases an Update That Restores Add-Ons

A significant failure concerning cybersecurity occurred on Firefox browser, causing all the add-ons, search engines and other features to be disabled. Because of the unexpected outage, many Tor users have been potentially vulnerable in the face of the track.

Mozilla has rapidly addressed the failure, though, and quickly released an update to variant 66.0.4 on Android and Desktop OSS that restored the add-ons, themes, search engines, and language packs.

The stoppage occurred on Friday, May 3rd, because of the expiration of the third-party signing certificate. Firefox wasn’t able to check the condition of any intermediate add-ons anymore, so every add-on and feature was disabled for every user. This is, in fact, a model procedure to secure users from blackguard unknown extensions for all the add-ons weren’t safe anymore.

Firefox Releases an Update That Restores Add-Ons

Whereas the failure was a mere nuisance, mostly because it occurred during the weekend, a specific class of people who wanted to browse the web obscurely found it incredibly troublesome as all the add-ons and security features simply disabled while they were searching the dark web. The Tor browser is a Firefox ramification, and it depends on the same attestations to check third-party add-ons, which involves the pre-installed NoScript extension which prohibits websites from tracking you on the internet.

However, Mozilla has rapidly implemented a hotfix that appeared to desktop browsers immediately after the failure was discovered and an update from variant 66.0.2 to 66.0.4 that solves the outages over all the platforms, also covering Android.

You can download the update from Play Store or get it directly from APK Mirror. A few extensions may dissipate, however, from your ‘about: addons’ after downloading and installing the new variant, but the data isn’t gone: you have to reinstall the extensions from Firefox’s add-on store. Also, themes will have to be turned on manually.

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