iPhone Battery Life May Not Be As Good As Apple Claims, According To Recent Reports

According to a recent report, iPhone smartphones have lower battery life in comparison to what Apple claims, and in some cases, the difference will reach more than 50%. The report was compiled by a well-known British consumer watchdog which surveyed the battery life of 9 different iPhone models. The biggest culprit was the iPhone XR. Apple claimed that after a full charge the device would offer a talk time of 25 hours, but during the tests, the device lasted for a mere 16 hours and 32 minutes, a 51% difference.

The result will be quite surprising for many Apple fans since the iPhone range receives stellar reviews for autonomy from critics and users alike. A well-known news outlet contacted the Cupertino company, and a spokesperson declared that Apple maintains its position. Since the consumer watchdog didn’t share the methods which were used during the trials, it is likely that the results aren’t as reliable as they may seem at first sight.

The spokesperson added that the methods used by Apple for testing can be consulted on the official website and are accessible for everyone.

iPhone battery life may not be as good as Apple claims

The report mentions several brands and HTC seems to favor the same approach as Apple. While the company claims that its devices will last for 20.5 hours (on average) the report states that the actual average time is around 19.6 hours, which is 5% below the official numbers.

However, there were positive discoveries as some companies tend to underestimate the actual talk time offered by their devices. The most impressive result was recorded in the case of the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact. Sony said that the device should last for 17 hours, but the tests showed that it packs a lot of extra endurance, as it was able to reach an impressive total of 25 hours and 52 minutes.

The group advises users to pay special attention to features advertised by smartphone manufacturers when they are looking for new devices.

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