Pokémon Go Bug Makes People Lose Accounts

Everybody knows about Pokémon GO and the popularity that has grown for the game. When we talk about Pokémon GO, the company who developed the game is continuously adding regular updates or events to keep the players excited. This is the case of the recent update event, Pokémon GO Lake Guardian Trio, which gives more success to the game. Unfortunately, the event has come with some bugs too, and the players are losing their accounts because of this.

What Is Happening?

With a few days left from the Pokémon GO Earth Day event, the problems are starting to appear. Some players have reported some errors in the game. Some of the errors were related to the sign in step or the existence of the Pokémon GO account, and it’s sending you after that to New or Returning Player. But that’s not all; some problems are more severe than others. A Pokémon GO player has posted on Reddit that on April 24 he had lost his Level 40 account. To remedy the situation, the player had tried anything from login with Facebook, to uninstall and reinstall the game. He also emailed Niantic the next day to get some help.

However, Niantic had replied to spadesix player and said that a lot of players experiences this kind of issues. The company is doing its best to fix the problem. The company says that they don’t have an update for fixing the problem, and other similar reports are collected from users. Niantic is asking for patience and understanding from the player of Pokémon GO, and a fix will come.

Finally, having Pokémon Go players to confront with these kinds of issues is disappointing, but we are sure that Niantic will fix the problem and it will remain attentive to the community in this case as well.

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