League of Legends Gameplay Update for Wukong: An Early Look at 9.11 PBE

Although all the changes that come with Patch 9.10 are still in PBE getting tested, we’ve just spotted a new post in the League Dev Corner. Meddler, the Design Director at League of Legends, submitted a post in the Dev Corner revealing some changes that will come in 9.11.

Meddler mentioned that while the initial plans for 9.11 have been outlined, the list is far from being completed. Expect to see some small balance changes to Rageblade, Yuumi, Aatrox and “Wukong changes in testing.”

If you don’t want to read the entire post, here’s a summary.

“Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 9”

Before we check out the announcement, it’s worth noting that more tweaks will be added in the patch cycle, and they will suffer several changes. The highlights of the post in League board are:

Rageblade Followup

In 9.10 Rageblade’s “Phantom Hit every 3 attacks instead of 2, Pen to flat 15% rather than scaling by level”.­ Champions that will be highly affected by the change will need a bit of work.

Yuumi Followup

The new champion Yuumi will be released in Patch 9.10, and will surely need to be tweaked in 9.11 PBE, explains Meddler:

“As usual could also involve a quick micro patch just after Yuumi’s launch if she’s clearly way too strong or way too weak even for a just released champion.”

Aatrox Followup

Could be buffed for regular play, even if the changes with 9.9 have balanced it for pro play.

Wukong changes in testing

Gameplay update for Wukong is in the works, but it’s still not finished. However, next week (Tuesday) it will be introduced in PBE for some feedback, Meddler adding that as soon as they add it, it will “come with an accompanying context post on what’s changed and why, what’s not changing, overall project goals etc.”

Wukong’s kit remains the same, but his W will be changed to last longer and auto attack nearby enemies instead of just exploding – Its attacks apply on hits and deal a proportion of Wukong’s AD as damage.”

After 2-4 weeks in PBE, the new Wukong changes will be pulled off PBE and taken back to more testing after the feedback to see if the gameplay update will be added or not.

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