Monster Hunter World Livestream Starts Today, The “Spring Update Reveal” Is Just Hours Away

Monster Hunter World players will be in for a treat today when the Twitch livestream will begin, announcing the spring update.

The stream will begin at 4PM PT / 7PM ET, May 9th, 12 AM BST / 1 AM CEST, May 10th.

Monster Hunter World Spring Update Reveal

Since Monster Hunter World was released worldwide, the game became quite popular. Its amazing and unique gameplay and the massive content has kept us all hooked. The regular challenges, the seasonal events, and the crossover DLCs featuring characters from Street Fighter, Devil May Cry and The Witcher were also quite thrilling!

The game has seen a great reaction, Capcom selling over 12 million units of Monster Hunter World, making it the biggest selling game in the company’s history (2018/2019 financial year). And we’re comparing the sales of Monster Hunter World with those of the Resident Evil 2 remake (4 million units) and Devil May Cry 5 (2 million units) – both being very successful, but not raising to the Monster Hunter World’s selling level.

But to keep Monster Hunter World players engaged, we need that new expansion, and today might be when we learn more about it.

Now let us see what we could learn from today’s livestream, which you can watch it on Twitch.

Ryozo Tsujimoto, the game producer, will (hopefully) answer many of our questions in today’s stream. We might learn more about the incoming expansion Iceborne, which was first revealed in December in a similar event.

As for Capcom’s stream name “Spring Update Reveal,” we can all agree that it is a bit weird, considering the game is now in the middle of the Spring festival. Maybe they will not talk about the current event and they will reveal more details about the upcoming content.

No matter what the topic will be today, if you are a Monster Hunter World player, you should definitely check out the stream!

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