Riot Wants You to Vote a Champion Update For 2020: Fiddlesticks, Shyvana, Nocturne, Dr. Mundo, or Volibear?

League of Legends developer Riot is getting ready to rework a champion for 2020, and they want players to vote the champion that will be redesigned from the ground up.

In an announcement made by Reav3, the Lead Producer of Champions, we see that the following older champions are in their high-priorities list for updates: Fiddlesticks, Shyvana, Nocturne, Dr. Mundo, and Volibear.

However, they will only update one champion starting with visuals, story, voice acting, all the way through gameplay and animations.

Players only have time to vote until 11:59 p.m. PT, May 15 – here’s the link to the page (vote is at the bottom).


“Our main goal with updating Fiddlesticks would be to push his theme of “terrifying scarecrow that comes out of nowhere” to a whole other level through both his visuals and gameplay,” Reav3, explaining that the style will be the same, and we should still see his iconic Crowstorm.


Reav3 noted that Shyvana’s dragon form should become much more different from the human one, so that it clearly sets it apart from the human form:

“If we were to update Shyvana, we’d be looking to really bring the fantasy of “warrior who transforms into a fire-breathing dragon” to life.”


“If we updated Nocturne, we’d really want to drive home the promised fantasy of a living nightmare, leaving his enemies in total darkness,” said Reav3, explaining that they could do that by keeping the ultimate and remaking a “satisfying base kit” to complete it.

Dr. Mundo

Mundo will need a lot of rework in the art and animations department. His kit holds up better compared to the other champions that need a rework. But Reav3 says that they will “preserve his niche as an unkillable self-healing super tank,” but that his W and E need an upgrade.


From this list, Volibear is the least played champion, so he has to be updated. “For his kit, we’d be aiming to make him less feast-or-famine, while giving Volibear a more unique gameplay identity that stands out in League’s champion roster,” stated Reav3.

The announcement ends with Reav3 noting that the champs that do not win the vote will receive a VGU and may be tweaked in other future updates along with other champs.

Check out the entire article at the link provided above.

What did you vote?

Let us know in the comments below!

Personally, i’m torn apart between Fiddle and Mundo because I like playing with them and want to see how much better they can become after the rework, but we can all agree that the other three need to be changed as well.

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  1. They all need visual updates except shyvana. I would love to see fiddles or nocturne. Either aren’t that weak, but look so derpy in game that I don’t want to try them.

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