Persona 5 Save Data Won’t Be Available on Persona 5: The Royal

The Persona 5 save data won’t be transferred over to Persona 5: The Royal, news have just shattered the fans and players of the game. Even though The Royal is apparently a much-enlarged adventure and also strongly twisted one, the announcement shook a few hearts, but even so, it is better to know.

The most recent confirmation arrives from the last issue of Famitsu magazine; the publication has an information bomb on the upcoming game. If you’ve spent lots of your time designing and customizing the perfect Persona 5 and also exporting your social status, this is most likely not good news for you. But this is how it is.

However, there’s a relatively sunny side of the announcement though: Atlus has apparently reported that by keeping your Persona 5 save data on your PlayStation 4 will unlock a ‘bonus’ when you will start Persona 5: The Royal.

Persona 5 Save Data Won’t Be Available on Persona 5: The Royal

Trailers for Persona 5: The Royal (Persona 5R) have let us into some insights on how the new game looks like: and it apparently continues with the idea ‘all that and then some’, by including new characters and new gameplay. The second trailer revealed its full title: Persona 5: The Royal’ and it appears to imply this will be a Game of the Year edition, just like prior games such as ‘Persona 4 Golden’.

A GearNuke report claims that Persona 5: The Royal is an upgraded version of the original game but with a new substance that has a ‘very lengthy new epilogue’ with new characters as part of the story.

Fans and supporters of the Japanese game first thought that the Persona 5: The Royal would be released worldwide on October 31, the year 2019, because the date appeared on screen during the Persona Super Live 2019 concert. However, it has been revealed later that Persona 5: The Royal will launch next year, in 2020.

The game is most likely coming for PlayStation 4, and many hope that Atlus will release the game on Nintendo Switch as well.

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