The Sims 5 Release Date To Be Postponed Even Further Due To The Sims 4 Updates and Popularity

The Sims 5 might not be developed if The Sims 4 would not break the sales and have the support of its fans. Here are some of the reasons why The Sims 5 might not be released just yet.

The Sims 4 Update

The Sims 4 has been updated in April 2019, bringing new patch notes, including bug fixes and the freelance career. The update was for the PC and Mac versions, but the console version also reveived a patch with the Lunar New Year packs.

The Current Sims 4 Update

  • Freelancer Career – a new kind of career has been created for The Sims 4. Players can choose between Freelance Writer, Freelance Artist, and Freelance Programmer.
  • New Objects – the Freelancer Sims brought a new set of home office decor and furniture, which include desks, decors, bookcases, wall decors, end tables, and laptops.
  • New Clothing – a few new outfits have been implemented in the update, including sweaters & skirts, cable knit cardigans, layered sweaters, and a few flat shoes for women. As for men, they also got a button-up shirt, crewneck sweater, collared sweater, and a few drawstring pants.

Other updates and fixes:

  • Sims will not go the right venue after being invited to an event by an NPC Sim
  • UI problems have been solved but access to the Sim’s reserve has been restricted
  • Looping and playing numerous tracks had issues but it’s been solved
  • Sims won’t get odd phone calls between 8 p.m. and 10 a.m.

Before the update, a Sim that has been cheating has not been able to propose to that Sim who cheated with, but it has been fixed. Numerous other enhances and bug fixed were added in the new Sims 4 patch. Considering The Sims 4 keeps getting new content, we believe that The Sims 5 might not be released soon.

The Sims 5 to come with even more improvements

The Sims 5 should come with a lot more content and features to make it all worth it. It could come with new options and features, and add more expansion sets.
Even though The Sims 5 is currently being worked on, it will take some time to be released, and it mostly revolves around on the status of The Sims 4.

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  1. I have yet to hear about the Sims 5 being worked or developed at all. They said they’re focusing on just Sims 4 right now and that the next 3 years will content for the Sims 4. I’ve just goggled to see if there is a official statement for EA and maybe I’m not searching the right keywords but nothing has showed up for it to official that Sims 5 is in the works.

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